Billet Family


A billet family is a host family and house for an SIJHL hockey player during the hockey season. The SIJHL hockey season is around 8 months long [September – April-ish] and during that time, the hosted hockey player will take part in many family/household aspects.

In many cases, Billet Parents/Families become very close to their hosted hockey player. Kenora Islanders players take part in daily household chores, mealtime, and will spend time with other children in the house.

Kenora Islanders players often become close with the billet siblings and will attend games to watch them, pick them up from school or sports, and hang out with them at home. In many cases, billets and their hosted player stay actively connected for years after the player has moved on to the next phase of their life!

Players are instructed to use clear communication with their billet family and to obey all household rules Billet families utilize.

Besides giving a Kenora Islander player a place to sleep, we ask that you provide daily meals for each player and invite them to be a part of your family.  SIJHL Hockey players are 16-20 years old and have differing levels of independence.

Some players have traveled with the SIJHL and have billeted before, while for other players, it is the first time they will be away from their family. Housing families are compensated $500 per player per month to help cover grocery expenses.

Players provide their own transportation to and from the arena. They also provide their own cell phones. While playing for the Kenora Islanders, players adhere to a strict set of rules for how they may conduct themselves in the arena, in public, and in their billet home.

The Islanders Family is looking for temporary/transition billet houses and full-season billet houses for the 2023-2024 season!

If you are interested in becoming a billet house for the Kenora Islanders, please fill out the form below.